Color Me Fit: The Top 10 Color Trends in Activewear for 2024

Published Sunday, January 7, 2024     By Activewear Trends Staff

activewear color trends

Cool Blues: Teal and Navy

Blue is a color often associated with calmness and focus, qualities that are certainly beneficial during a workout. This year, teal and navy are the shades of blue that are capturing attention.

Teal is a refreshing color that works well for summer workouts, while navy is a classic that can be worn year-round. Both colors offer versatility and can be paired with a range of other shades, making them a great addition to your activewear collection. Brands like ASICS and New Balance offer a variety of options in these cool blue shades.


Sunny Yellows: Lemon and Mustard

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness, and it’s making its way into the activewear world in shades like lemon and mustard. These colors are perfect for outdoor workouts, helping you stand out while you break a sweat.

Lemon and mustard also offer great versatility. Pair a lemon-colored top with navy leggings for a fresh look, or go for a mustard sports bra with black joggers for a more subdued outfit. Brands like Fabletics and Sweaty Betty offer a range of yellow activewear to brighten up your workout.


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